Who Can Help Children Interact with Dogs

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Dog Trainers

Enlist the assistance of certified dog trainers who specialize in working with children and can teach them how to interact safely with dogs.

Pet Therapy

Explore pet therapy programs where trained dogs and handlers visit children in controlled environments, fostering positive interactions.


Collaborate with certified animal-assisted therapy teams that include both dogs and handlers trained to work with children in therapeutic settings.


Integrate dog safety education into school curriculums with the help of counselors and educators to ensure children understand appropriate behavior around dogs.


Seek guidance from veterinarians who can educate children on dog behavior, proper care, and the importance of approaching unfamiliar dogs cautiously.

Children's Books

Utilize age-appropriate books, videos, and interactive media that teach children about dog behavior, communication, and safety.

Dog Events

Attend community dog events where children can interact with well-behaved dogs under the supervision of experienced handlers.


Encourage parents and caregivers to model safe interactions with dogs, emphasizing the importance of teaching children to ask for permission before approaching a dog.

Local Animal

Collaborate with local animal shelters to organize educational sessions on responsible pet ownership and safe interactions with dogs.