When Is New York Fashion Week


Learn about the schedule and timing of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), a highly anticipated event in the fashion industry's calendar.

Biannual Event

NYFW is held biannually, typically in February/March for the Fall/Winter collections and in September for the Spring/Summer collections.

Fall/Winter Edition

The Fall/Winter edition of NYFW usually takes place in February, showcasing designs and trends for the upcoming cold-weather seasons.

Spring/Summer Edition

The Spring/Summer edition of NYFW typically occurs in September, highlighting lighter fabrics and styles suited for warmer weather.

Length of the Event

NYFW spans approximately seven to nine days, during which designers, brands, and fashion houses present their collections through runway shows, presentations, and events.

Industry Calendar

NYFW follows the fashion industry's seasonal calendar, preceding other major fashion weeks in cities like London, Milan, and Paris.

Global Attention

NYFW attracts global attention from fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, celebrities, and media outlets, solidifying its status as a premier fashion event.

Cultural Impact

NYFW influences trends, shapes consumer behavior, and fosters cultural dialogue around fashion, style, and identity.

Evolution Over Time

NYFW has evolved over the years, adapting to changes in the fashion industry, technology, and societal trends while maintaining its relevance and prestige.