The Art of Posting a Letter from a Dog: A Guide

Right Stationery

Opt for paw print-themed paper or any stationery that screams "dog". It adds an authentic touch right from the start.


Channel your inner dog: Think about what your dog would say if they could talk. Share updates about their day, their favorite activities, or express gratitude for a recent gift or visit.

Paw Prints

Safely dip your dog’s paw in edible ink or a non-toxic, washable paint and stamp it onto the paper. This serves as the perfect signature.

Playful Font

If you’re typing the letter, choose a font that’s fun and not too formal. Comic Sans, despite its reputation, might just be perfect here.

Adding Photos

Include a recent photo of your dog. It could be them playing, sleeping, or simply posing for the camera. This visual element makes the letter even more personal.


Decorate the envelope with stickers or drawings of bones, paws, and dogs. Make sure the receiver knows something special awaits inside.


Look for stamps that feature animals or specifically dogs. It’s a small detail that reinforces the theme.

Delivery Touch

If possible, have your dog present when delivering the letter, either by hand or placing it into the mailbox together. It adds to the experience.


After the letter has been received, consider a follow-up. Maybe a video call where the receiver can thank the dog personally, closing the loop on this unique form of communication.