10 Essential Steps for Caring for Puppies

Veterinary Visit

Your puppy's health begins with an initial check-up. Schedule a veterinary appointment within the first few days of bringing your puppy home. This visit will include


Feed your puppy a high-quality diet formulated for puppies. Their nutritional needs are different from adult dogs, requiring more protein, calories, and certain


Follow a vaccination schedule as recommended by your vet. Preventive medications for fleas, ticks, and heartworms are also essential from an early age.


Expose your puppy to various people, animals, environments, and sounds during their critical socialization period (up to about 14 weeks old) to help them grow into well-adjusted adults.


Start basic training early, focusing on simple commands like sit, stay, and come. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key.


Puppies have a lot of energy. Ensure they get enough exercise through play and short walks, keeping in mind their physical limits.


Introduce grooming early, including brushing, baths, nail trimming, and dental care, to get them used to being handled and to maintain their coat and health.


Puppy-proof your home to prevent accidents. Secure electrical cords, small objects, and toxic substances out of reach.


Last but not least, provide your puppy with plenty of love, attention, and companionship. This fosters a strong bond and helps with their emotional development.